Considering A Shower Glass Partition? Here’s What You Should Know

Are you in the midst of a bathroom renovation or construction? Well, you should know that when building a shower area, you have to separate that from the main bathroom area. Now sure, you can just go for shower curtains and be done with it. But how about this: why not try a shower glass partition?

Before you go visit the nearest shower glass partition maker, however, you need to know certain things. Those are important for ensuring your safety and overall satisfaction once the partition is installed. So without further ado, here are the things you should think about when getting a glass partition for your shower.

Why Go For A Shower Glass Partition?

There are several reasons to go for glass when considering a shower partition. Here are the three most common:

  1. Versatility: You have an almost endless array of options. Choose from sleek, modern frameless to something like glass block and framed varieties. There are more than enough options that are either ready-to-install or can be custom-made to your liking!
  2. Safety: Modern glass shower partitions are made of tempered glass, whose tensile strength makes it less prone to breaking than standard glass. While this doesn’t mean they’re unbreakable, they’re still safer because they break into smaller, duller pieces instead of large, jagged shards which are way sharper.
  3. Cleaning & Maintenance: Ask yourself: is it easier to clean wet glass or wet shower curtains? Glass partitions are easy to maintain as long as you keep up on routine cleaning. You can use almost anything like distilled white vinegar, lemon juice, or even salt. You can also use conventional cleaners if you have it!

Glass Thickness Is Important!

Here’s one thing you should always remember: the thickness of your bathroom’s shower glass can define the way your shower door looks and feels. Don’t just go out and buy any thickness on a whim to avoid wasting time and money!

First off, never go for thinner glass if you want to focus on aesthetics. You have two thickness options to choose from: 3/8″ and 1/2″. For great stability and overall durability, go for 3/8″. Another thing you need to keep in mind about thicker glass is its greater weight. This means that you also have to invest in heavy-duty framing to install it.
bathroom shower glass partition

Different Types Of Partitions

How you want to separate the shower area also affects which type of partition you need to install. Here are the most common.

  1. Frameless: These are sleek-looking partitions that don’t feature standard framing. Instead, they have individual pieces of hardware that keep them stable. The job of these hardware is to join separate pieces of glass together. They also serve as artistic elements that add to the overall appeal of the partition.
  2. Semi-frameless: While not entirely frameless, these partitions have framing only on specific parts of the glass. Where the framing is located depends a lot on manufacturer specifications. Sometimes, the top and bottom are framed, while the middle part isn’t.
  3. Framed: This is what you commonly see in your head when talking about shower partitions. There is metal framing that surrounds all four corners of the panels, which also secure the partitions to the walls. Frames provide extra structural integrity, which is why glass is often thinner with this option. This also means that it’s relatively affordable.

We Can Help You Choose Your Shower Partition!

Struggling to pick the right option for you? We can help you choose the perfect shower glass partition for your bathroom! Just visit us today at Peninsula Glass, and we’d be happy to help answer your every glass need. We are looking forward to seeing you!


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