How to Clean and Maintain Your Fireplace Glass

Get to know the effective ways to clean and maintain your fireplace glass!

There are many products on the market that can be purchased to help clean the fog, charred buildup and residues off of fireplace glass, but many times, they may not even be necessary. Before going out and spending money on chemical cleaners, give the following technique a try to get the glass cleaned up and ready for fall harvest fires.

  • Always make sure that there are no hot coals, no fire burning, no gas valves running, and that the glass is at room temperature. Trying to clean hot glass poses the risk of getting burned, warping the glass or breaking the glass.
  • Next, gather an old newspaper or grocery ads and a bowl of clean water.
  • Crumple the paper into a ball, dip it into the water and then dip it into the ash in the fireplace.
  • Using circular motions, begin cleaning the glass with the paper, focusing on trouble spots and repeat with a new piece of paper until the glass is clean.
  • As a last step, take a new crumpled newspaper dipped in just water and remove the remaining ash residue to reveal beautifully clean glass.

Fireplace Glass - Wood Burn Place

If the residue buildup is thick and difficult, you can very carefully use a razor blade to scrape off the buildup, taking great care to angle it low as to not scratch the glass. Other methods you can try include using a recommended fireplace glass cleaner instead of water with the ash-newspaper method outlined above. Once you’ve finished cleaning the glass, clear out your fireplace and burn a hot fire to remove any other dark spots the cleaning might have missed. To keep the glass clean longer, always burn dry wood and allow for proper ventilation.

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If your fireplace glass cracks or is broken, it’s no longer safe to burn fires and should be replaced immediately. One Day Glass has a quick turnaround and specializes in custom glass pieces of any size, including fireplace glass. Click here to get more information on fireplace glass replacement.

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