Advantages of Insulating Glass Units for Buildings

Insulated glass units are made of two or more panels of glass separated by a spacer material. The material is filled with a particular desiccant to absorb the moisture and avoid fogging. In between these panes is a bubble of gas; usually argon or krypton. 

IGUs are rather popular now. But what about it that makes people opt for it?

Advantages of Insulated Glass Units for Buildings

Below are a few of the benefits of getting insulated glass units for buildings:

Energy Efficient

The most important and most significant advantage of getting IGU for buildings is its energy efficiency. The air between these panes helps in thermal insulation. Any space with insulated glass units will have the right temperature.

That means your space will remain cool during the hot summer days and warmer during winter. And this is without using any AC or space heaters.

Money Saver

Since you don’t have to use air conditioning units and heaters often, you can save money. Your monthly utility bill will be lower. In the long run, you’ve gained back what you spent for the mirrors and save even more.


With less use of electricity, your building will have a lesser carbon footprint. This can help the environment. Your company can now help save the earth one window at a time.

More Privacy

Double or triple-paned windows offer more privacy compared to single panes. You can also maximize your privacy by choosing glazed windows. You’ll be able to see the outside world, but they’ll have trouble looking into yours.


Insulated glass units for buildings can be more expensive than standard glass windows. But the benefits outweigh the cons, especially when it comes to saving money and energy.

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