A Look At Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Energy Efficient Window Treatments : Energy bills are a reality that we have to deal with. And this is all because of the effects of climate change. Sunny days are hotter, winter nights are colder. There’s almost always a weather extreme that will make you use the heater or AC even more. With all that power consumption, your electricity bill goes up.

Right now when everybody is stuck at home, HVAC costs will go up. But while you can’t stop your power bill from rising, you can try your best to limit it. You can start with your windows! Here is a look at several energy efficient window treatments. Read on to understand what they are, how they work, and which ones would fit your situation well.

Why Should You Treat Your Windows?

Windows are sometimes seen as unremarkable. But in thermodynamic terms, they’re holes in your home’s armor. One of a house’s main functions is to regulate the temperature inside to keep you comfortable. Nobody would want an unbearably hot house during the summer or a freezing cold one during the winter.

Basic untreated windows are terrible at regulating indoor temperature. They leak out warm air when it’s cold, and leak out cool air when it’s hot. Here’s how it works. Without efficient window treatments, radiation from sunlight will heat up any room or cracked caulking will leak warm air out when it’s cold.

You have several options for treating your windows. You can do it yourself, or opt to replace your windows entirely with energy-efficient panes. There are many options and you can find one that you see fit. But the most effective way is by replacing your standard windows with energy-efficient alternatives.

Most Effective: Replacement Window Panes And Frames

Energy-efficient windows are readily available for every homeowner out there. These windows come with state-of-the-art technology for managing your home’s interior climate.

The main thing that makes these windows work is the glazing, which is the compound that holds window panes together (if double-glazed) or to a window frame. Among the most common are double-clear, low-emittance, and double-tint. Some even have solar-resistant film. This works in tandem with the glazing, limiting the radiation passing through. The result is a cooler interior because there’s not much radiation heating up the air inside.

You can order these windows at the nearest window-making company you can find. Once they come in with what you need, they’ll also install it for you. You might have to pay a premium, but that’s the price you have to pay to get the best!

best Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Simpler And Cheaper: Do-It-Yourself Treatments

If you have a tighter budget, you can go DIY as well! Here are several DIY options you can try, from blinds to shutters. These are all available at almost any home improvement store, so you won’t have to go far to find them.

  • Thermal blinds: They often feature heavy insulating fabric, for starters. But the biggest thing to look for is their openness factor. The lower the factor, the better. You must go for something with at least 1% to 5% openness factor to block a good amount of UV rays. You can’t see outside with this level of openness, but it will help regulate indoor temperatures.
  • Cellular shades: These shades have special hollow cells in them that trap air. In turn, the air-filled cells provide a layer of insulation. Many homeowners prefer these shades because they’re affordable. They also come in a variety of designs, which means you won’t have to worry about them clashing with your home decor.
  • Solar shades: Do you want something that protects from UV rays but doesn’t block your view? Go for solar shades. They come in different levels of transparency which allows for a good amount of choices. For instance, you can go full blackout if you want to keep a room dark during daytime. If you live in a place where summers can be harsh, this is the best choice for you.
  • Draperies: All those with a fondness for the classics can rest easy with draperies. They look really good with almost any interior design motif. Plus, they can lower heat gain by as much as 33 percent during the summer! And in winter, they can limit heat loss to a manageable 10 percent. That’s as good as any DIY energy efficient window treatment out there.


Let Us Handle Your Window Treatment Needs!

It’s always good to make your home as energy-efficient as you can. It will help you stay comfortable whatever the season, and keep your power bills down. If you want to do this, let our trained professionals at Peninsula Glass handle the job for you. Visit us today for custom glass and see what we have in store!

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