4 Ways a Shower Corner Shelf Can Improve Your Health

You might think that an innocent shower corner shelf is only good for one thing: holding your shampoo, conditioner, and other stuff. But in fact, it is doing more for your health than you know.

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms of a house. All family members spend a significant amount of time dressing and cleaning up inside bathrooms. Providing an organized space for such tasks is essential not only for the safety of your family but also for the efficiency of finishing said tasks on time.

Creating an organized bathroom can be a daunting task at first glance. A bathroom corner shelf is just the tip of the proverbial clean bathroom iceberg. There’s a lot more to consider when trying to fix this often disorganized part of a home. Still, it is all worth it, especially if you read on and find out how it affects your health.

Here are four ways a disorganized bathroom can hurt your and your family’s well-being.

4 Problems a Shower Corner Shelf Can Save You From

  • Defends You from Uninvited Guests

    When you are cluttered and disorganized, you are opening your home to a host of unwelcome guests that will not only put your family’s safety at risk but will also slowly but surely, cause havoc on your home. If you don’t have your bath essentials neatly arranged in a dry storage area such as a wall-mounted corner shelf, then you might be unknowingly inviting pests into your home.

    – Termites
    First on our list of unwanted borders are termites. These pesky critters leave underneath your bathroom floorboards, quietly eating away on any wood in your home. When water seeps into cracks in your bathroom flooring, it creates the perfect nesting ground for termites to spread and multiply.

    – Mold
    Often seen in the grout between tiles or along caulk lines, mold thrives in wet and humid areas and can cause a lot of damage to your family’s health. Aside from these visible areas, they can also lay hidden within your walls and ceilings, under floors, or inside ducts. Mold can cause mild to severe irritation in your lungs, eyes, nose, and throat. It worsens if you are allergic as severe mold allergy leads to asthma and other chronic lung conditions.

    – Germs and Viruses
    For a place where you supposedly get cleaned, the bathroom is one of the places in your home that serves as a breeding ground for these nasty pathogens. A study in 2014 revealed that bathrooms can serve as the home for various microorganisms, including E. coli, herpesvirus, Staphylococcus, and human papillomavirus.

  • Prevents Accidents Waiting to Happen

    Suppose that you don’t have your bathroom corner shelf installed yet. Where are you putting all your stuff? Beside the toilet? On the bathtub’s edge? Under the sink? Either your chosen storage is a sanitary nightmare or a booby-trapped accident. Putting shampoo bottles, soap dishes, and other bathroom items can be a major source of a mishap.
    bathroom corner shelf

    Data show that the most dangerous activity in the bathroom is not showering itself but the act of getting out of the shower or tub. A small misstep could lead to disastrous results. However, with your bathroom essentials safely organized inside a cabinet or on your shower corner shelf, the likelihood of this happening is greatly reduced.

  • Protects You from Unseen Psychological Toll

    You might have heard that clutter breeds creativity. However, that is more of an exception instead of the rule. In truth, disorganization creates stress. When you see things out of place, you will most likely not know where to get the thing you need. This will make preparing for work or school in the morning extremely harder and more stressful.

    On the other hand, a well-organized bathroom with cabinets, racks, a wall-mounted corner shelf, and all your essentials in a neat, clean row not only looks better but also functions more efficiently. The time you’ll spend rummaging through your stuff will then be spent instead on cleaning up and getting ready for a big day ahead.

  • Improves How You Feel

    Lastly, and one that might not be readily visible, is how disorganized and cluttered bathrooms can make one feel about themselves. A neat and organized bathroom (and, in effect, a neat and organized home) is something one can be proud of. The opposite can be said about messy bathrooms. Not only is it a physical and mental health hazard, but it might also be a source of embarrassment and cause you to shut yourself out from friends or families.

    Don’t let a chaotic bathroom be your downfall.

    If you have difficulty organizing your stuff, you can hire professionals to do it for you. Installing a shower corner shelf might not seem a big leap, but it is every bit an important step toward a better you.

Now, Take the First Step

If you are ready to begin your journey toward a safer, healthier home, don’t stop at installing a shower corner shelf. We at Peninsula Glass aim to provide our customers with safe, affordable, and durable house improvement options that not only look good but, more importantly, protect the ones you love.

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