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Care and Cleaning Tips for Glass Tabletops and Furniture Pieces

Cleaning Tips for Glass Tabletops

Furniture made with glass or glass accents can add so much beauty to a home if kept clean and cared for. Here are a few care and cleaning tips for glass tabletops and furniture pieces to help keep them looking their best. Care and Cleaning Tips for Glass Tabletops and Furniture Pieces When cleaning your…

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Tempered Glass Shelf as a Component of Glass Display Shelving

tempered glass shelf

Glass display shelving can be used in retail for displaying products in store displays. Glass shelving can be used to create glass wall shelves or in display cases throughout the home. Glass shelves can be made from different types, thicknesses and edge finishes. A tempered glass shelf provides high strength, while annealed glass provides lower cost….

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Understanding The Cost Of Replacing Double Glazed Window Glass

Double Glazed Glass Windows

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re in great need of a replacement for window glass. Specifically, you want to get double-glazed windows, isn’t that right? In this article, you will understand the cost of replacing double-glazed windows glass. And, if you need them or not. So read on!    Typical Cost Of Replacing…

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When To Repair Your Window Glass

Window Glass Repair - Glass Window Replacement Cost

Imagine looking outside from your perfectly-installed window glass Repair Cost, and suddenly your beautiful view was interrupted by a sight of a small crack.  Windows secure your house from the dangers outside, takes care of ventilation, boost your home’s aesthetics and bring outdoor lighting in. Glasses on windows were made to be durable to sustain…

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Your Guide On Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass panels for doors

Should I Use Frosted Glass For Door Panels? Any glass that has been texturized or processed to look semi-opaque or translucent is considered as frosted glass. In many cases, this type of glass is not only used for design, but also for a variety of functions. Types of Frosted Glass The two main types of…

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Things To Consider For Custom Shower Doors

Are Frameless Shower Doors Worth It

What To Expect When Customizing Shower Doors For residential glass installations, bathrooms typically need the most attention. Glass for shower panels and doors have been the best option for any type of home. Now after you’ve done your designs, the next thing to do is to look for a glass manufacturer that will fabricate the…

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What’s The Best Glass For Table Tops?

Glass Table Tops

All You Need To Know About Table Top Glass Different types of glass were made for different types of purposes. They may look the same to the naked eye, but there’s more about glass functions that you should know. One important function of glass is protection. This is because it’s a material that can withstand…

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Should You Opt for Glass Deck Railings?

Glass Deck Railings

Glass Deck Railing: All You Need To Know Classy and elegant, glass used for railings has taken the interior design industry by storm. With a huge number of captivating design options, you can enjoy different aesthetic principles and space-saving ideas for both residential and commercial use. For many though, there are still questions that seem…

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Everything About Laminated Glass

laminated glass windows

Everything About Laminated Glass Different glass has different usage and capabilities. Now when we talk about laminated glass, there’s a set of questions that comes along with it– what is laminated glass, and how can you tell its difference from others? Let us break it all to you. What is Laminated Glass? Also called “safety…

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Pros And Cons Of Frameless Shower Doors

Are Frameless Shower Doors Worth It

Why You Should Switch To Frameless Shower Doors A nice bathroom is something worth splurging for. It’s a special part of the house that definitely needs the extra attention. Another thing is the shower area where you spend most of your private time. But when talking about shower doors, is choosing frameless the best way…

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