Insulated Glass Limited Warranty

For a period of 10 years after the date of manufacture, Peninsula Glass Co., Inc. warrants its insulating units not to develop material obstruction of vision, such as dust or moisture on the internal glass surfaces caused by failure of the hermetic seal.

Note: Low-E glass has a slight distortion that can be viewed at obscure angles yet appears clear when looking perpendicular to the glass. This slight distortion is from the Low-E coating. The warranty does not apply to this distortion.

The warranty shall not apply to*:

1. Units used outside the continental United States.

2. Units used in vehicles including RV’s, skylights, ships, commercial refrigeration, slope glazing or swinging doors.

3. Units not installed in accordance with recommended glazing instructions.

4. Units damaged in handling, shipping, storage, or installation.

5. Units which are subject to abnormal stress, excessive vibration, direct heat, twisted opening, lack of allowance for expansion and contraction of framing members or glazing with compounds not compatible with sealant. (Stresses are not limited to above list)

6. Units with improper weeping of the glazing systems which cause moisture to accumulate on the seal.

7. Units with either lite of glass broken.

8. Units with films of any type applied to the glass.

9. Units with shades, reflective shades, stained glass or objects installed in or placed too close to the glass, as to inhibit circulation and cause excessive heat between the glass and object.

10. Any clear glass unit exceeding 50 sq. ft. or 115” inches in any one direction; or any tinted unit exceeding 45 sq. ft.

11. Narrow sightline units exceeding 20 sq. ft.

12. Any work done by a non-licensed glazing contractor.

Peninsula Glass Co., Inc. reserves the right to have any unit, alleged to be defective under this warranty, field inspected by a factory representative and/or returned to the factor for inspection. Our liability under this warranty shall be limited to replacement of the unit F.O.B. Vancouver, WA, or at our option, to refund part or the entire original, Peninsula Glass, wholesale purchase price. Peninsula Glass, Co., Inc. shall not be liable for the costs of removal/installation, return freight, or any incidental, consequential or damage in connection with such units.

Peninsula Glass Co., Inc. assumes no responsibility for handling and/or fabrication of customer’s glass. Customer will be invoiced for handling and fabrication efforts.

Peninsula Glass Co., Inc. makes no warranty of merchantability, no warranty that our insulated units are fit for any particular purpose or use. There is no other warranty, expressed or implied.

All warranty claims must be in writing and addressed to Peninsula Glass Co. 6295 NE 147th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98682, or fax 360-892-8152 and must include the original invoice number and date as billed to you from Peninsula Glass Co., Inc. Also, include the address of the building in which units were installed, in case inspection is needed. All warranties are from the date of original unit manufacture.

Peninsula Glass Co., Inc. reserves the right to file a right to lien on any orders exceeding $2,000.00.

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