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When To Repair Your Window Glass

Window Glass Repair

Imagine looking outside from your perfectly-installed window glass, and suddenly your beautiful view was interrupted by a sight of a small crack.  Windows secure your house from the dangers outside, takes care of ventilation, boost your home’s aesthetics and bring outdoor lighting in. Glasses on windows were made to be durable to sustain all these…

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Glass Table Tops Make a Small Space Seem Larger

glass table tops

Looking for Glass Table Tops Design Ideas for your Office or Home Living in a small space may seem tough, but there are many design ideas such as using table tops to make the area seem larger. Table tops reflect light and create a modern distinctive look. This are very practical since they are easy…

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Are Double Pane Windows Ideal For My Home?

Dual Pane Windows

Should I Be Getting Double Pane Windows For My Home? Choosing windows for your home is a responsibility every homeowner should properly deal with. While aesthetics is a natural thing to consider, functionality and overall benefits must also be taken into account. You’ve been hearing about how double-paned windows can help save energy in your…

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Wood Stove Glass is Really Heat Resistant Ceramic Glass

wood stove glass

Looking for an idea about Wood Stove Glass made from Ceramic? Modern wood stoves use a clear heat resistant glass made from ceramic. This will not break from heat, but it can be broken when struck by a fire poker, being hit by a piece of wood or by over tightening the retaining clips. Most…

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DIY Foggy Window Repair on Dual Pane Windows

foggy window repair needed on a dual pane window

How Do You Repair a Fogged Window from a Dual Pane Window? Do you have a foggy dual pane window that has condensation between the panes? What has happened is that these dual pane windows have a seal that has failed. Water vapor has made it to the interior space between the windows. Here is…

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Use Glass Deck Railing to Protect Your Scenic View

glass deck railings

Looking for an Amazing Glass Deck Railing Modern Design Do you have a killer scenic view that you want to enjoy from your new deck or balcony? You want safety and protection for your family. You want to maintain your wonderful view. You want this at an affordable price. The solution is a tempered glass…

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Frameless Glass Doors For the Modern Office Design

frameless glass doors

Considering a Frameless Glass Door to have a Modern Office Look? This Bismarck, ND Company created a modern open looking office using frameless glass doors manufactured by They produced a unique inspirational office design with glass partition walls and frosted glass frameless doors throughout their offices. They even used these same style frosted glass…

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Bathroom Shower Glass, The Difference is Clear!

bathroom shower glass

Dreaming of Remodelling and Modernizing Your Bathroom Design, Then Consider First to Look In Updating Bathroom Shower Glass and Fixtures Your bathroom is probably not where your guests hang out when they come for a visit, but it is one room that your guests expect to feel comfortable in should they pay a visit. Updating…

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Wood Stove Maintenance

woodstove glass

How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Wood Stove? Regular wood stove maintenance will ensure that your wood stove works efficiently, providing you with warmth and beautiful ambient fires year after year. Be sure to check the seals and replace any cracked or broken wood stove glass. No matter what type of fuel you burn…

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How to Keep Your Wood Stove Glass Clean

replacement wood stove glass

Get to know the safe and effective ways to keep your wood stove glass clean When the glass is clean and you can see the fire inside, it’s truly a beautiful family room centerpiece; and secondly, when the glass is dingy and filmy, it’s quite ugly. Here’s a list of things you can do to keep…

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