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About Fireplace Glass

Fireplace glass is usually just regular tempered glass. Tempered glass is used in many types of fireplace doors. Tempered glass for fireplace doors is typically heat resistant to about 400-500ºF. If you have a woodstove or a gas fireplace, you may need to look at using either Neoceram or Pyroceram instead, which are much more heat resistant. However, for a regular fireplace where the doors are a safe distance from the flame and the temperature will not exceed 400-500ºF, tempered glass is a safe and economical choice for your fireplace glass doors.

Custom Cut Fireplace Glass

Many people have difficulty locating replacement fireplace glass directly from the manufacturer of their fireplace when a door or panel breaks. Perhaps the manufacturer no longer carries the model or simply does not sell replacement fireplace glass. Because everything we do is custom made to your exact specifications, we can help you replace your fireplace glass. Using our Quick Online Quote Guide is a simple way to provide us with all of the information we need to make your new fireplace glass doors.

Fireplace Glass Options

We will cut and temper your fireplace glass right here in our facility. This means we can cut your piece to your exact specifications and make any necessary customizations. Fireplace glass is heat treated in our unique vertical tempering furnace* so it can ship quickly to you for replacement.

You can view a list of available materials and check out tint samples online here. We have many options to choose from so you can easily match your existing fireplace glass doors.

About Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is regular glass that has been heat treated to increase strength and thermal shock resistance to prevent injury by changing the break pattern. Tempered glass is used in applications where heat, mechanical strength and safety are a factor. For example, the glass on motor vehicles is tempered to make it strong and less dangerous when it shatters or breaks. Tempered glass is also used in fireplace doors, on masonry and prefabricated fireplaces equipped with a grate to hold the burning wood.

Tempered glass can withstand constant temperatures of 470°F. If tempered glass is exposed to higher temperatures, it gradually weakens the structure of the glass thus making it more susceptible to breakage. If a piece of tempered glass is exposed to continuous temperatures of 600°F or more, the glass will shatter into small pieces.

Cutting Tempered Glass

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